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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Welcome to My World of Sounds

Hello everyone.

I'm a professional classical singer coming from Goa a smallest state in Bharat (India) The state which gave birth to extraordinary performing artiste in the filed of music from

Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsale, Their father Dinanath Mangeshkar, Khaprumama Parvatkar, Anjani bai Lolayekar, Mogubai Kurdikar, Kesarbai Kerkar, Kishori Amonkar and Jitendra Abhisheki.

I was born and brought up in Goa. Born at a remote area surrounded by a heavy jungle where I had experience to meet all type of wild animals and birds.

Since childhood I was attracted towards Sound. I Was able to recognise any type of Sound as my mother was used to ask me which kind of sound it is and whose sound so, she was surprised by my exact identification of Sound from bird to any vehicle.

Later, my father decided to shift in the little city where school was available as my father was very concern about education.

My Father

My father was a natural artiste and was directing, acting and singing in the local theatre activities. Even he was not able to read any content as he was not schooled, my mother was reading the content of whole drama and he was able to memorise by hearing the content. The sound memory.

Parents of Pandit Shivkumar
Pandit Shivkumar | Parents

My father was very clean person and was able to repair any mechanical instrument from a knife to a car by just his observation. He was truly talented with inherent talents.

He was unofficial Shaman who had natural ability to heal from animals to human. I had experienced lot of things while accompanying him in various rituals.

He was truly talented Singer with no proper education of singing.

I became a professional singer even than i'm so jealous of my fathers natural voice.

My Mother

She is a true devotion and who believes in sharing. A strong woman who faced lot of problems since her early age. Never she gave up. She is a complete educated lady who truly believe in culture and lives up the cultural values. She took initiatives to educate the complete town by educating everyone the cultural values, celebrations and importance of rituals. Even Goa's famous spiritual community, the local presence is alive till now because of my mother.

As my home was designed with sounds. Early morning my Father had habit to put on Radio where he was hearing only classical songs. I was waking up by such songs from the masters. Evening my mother has habit to have rituals of reciting Bhagwan Gita etc.

Naturally, since i was attracted towards my fathers natural voice and his ease in singing and playing instruments my childhood was enriched by his active presence.


Since my early age it's been decided to be a singer and to use this body life completely to be with Sounds.

My first Master / Guru in the journey of Sounds

Indian tradition of learning believes in master whom we call a Guru.

Pandit Jaykrishna Bhatikar

A true genius and gentlemen who was famous for his acting and singing in theatre of Goa and Maharashtra.

He was truly influenced by the singing style of legendary Bal Gandharva.

Experience with Bhatikar jee was truly exceptional for me. it brought in lot of cultural qualities in me the importance of health, grace and professionalism.

Pandit Jaykrishna Bhatikar Goa
Pandit Jaykrishna Bhatikar | Goa

Later on, because of Bhatikars teaching methods I was sure to persue singing as career.

As, the higher education in classical music was not available in Goa, I left goa where my first Guru Bhatikar jee helped me to move to Mumbai.

Pandit Prabhakar Karekar

Pandit Prabhakar Karekar
Pandit Prabhakar Karekar | Mumbai

I travelled alone by a bus from Goa to Mumbai by using own savings. Karekar jee welcomed me at his apartment and accepted me as a student where I spent ten years living with him at his home as a family member.

As he was a busy artist than, We were mostly on tour all the time. Naturally I learnt the technics of singing, compositions, performing technics in the live concert while accompanying him with Tanpura in his all concerts.

I left his home as I was able to perform. Naturally I was getting concerts on my own by my performances.

Presently I'm in Paris France continuing my singing profession by regular concerts, teaching/ educating music and Indian culture.

It is interesting for myself to deal with French or European who are interested in Indian music and culture. At first it was obvious for me to take time to understand the base of culture of mind and body over here. It took me some time to realise and to develop the method to collaborate easily with European brain.


I feel fortunate and honoured to be born in a culturally rich family. It was my father who had told me that, "There are no worries in life. You can go anywhere, you can deal with anyone with no fear". I truly believe that, these words of father keeps me always cool and balanced. I'm grateful towards him.

I dedicate this Blog to my Father.

Shivram | Goa

About Me

Pandit Shivkumar

The first Indian Classical Singer from Goa | India to live, establish and unfold its musical teachings in Paris, International capital of arts. He has created his name in the World Music Scene in Europe. Spreading love, peace and unity through Indian Classical Music by performing concerts and educating Indian music in Europe.

Over here, you will read the basic informations about Sound, Breath, Singing which comes from my long experience.

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Pandit Shivkumar

+33 7 45 18 44 40

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