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"Harmony in Giving:
Supporting Indian Music and Culture Through Donation"

In the rich tapestry of Indian heritage, music plays a pivotal role, weaving together diverse traditions, emotions, and stories. As custodians of this cultural treasure, it becomes our collective responsibility to ensure its preservation and flourishing for generations to come. One powerful way to contribute to the sustenance and promotion of Indian music and culture is through donations.


The Project

Donating to initiatives dedicated to the promotion of Indian music fosters an environment where artists can thrive, traditions can be celebrated, and the cultural landscape can be enriched. These contributions go beyond mere financial support; they are an investment in the soul of a nation, a commitment to the preservation of its unique musical traditions.

Your donation can empower talented musicians, especially those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, providing them with opportunities to receive training, access resources, and showcase their artistry on a wider stage. In doing so, you contribute to the preservation of classical, folk, and contemporary musical genres that encapsulate the essence of India's cultural diversity.

Furthermore, your support can aid in the creation and maintenance of cultural institutions, music schools, and festivals dedicated to showcasing the beauty and depth of Indian music. These platforms not only serve as avenues for artists to display their skills but also act as educational hubs, ensuring that the knowledge and techniques of traditional music are passed on to future generations.


By contributing to the promotion of Indian music and culture, you become a guardian of the intangible heritage that defines the identity of a nation. Your generosity resonates in the melodies, rhythms, and expressions of the artists you support, leaving a lasting impact on the cultural legacy of India.

In the symphony of life, let your donation be a note that harmonizes with the collective effort to preserve, promote, and perpetuate the enchanting melodies that echo through the corridors of Indian culture. Together, let us cultivate a vibrant and thriving cultural landscape that resonates with the timeless tunes of our rich heritage.


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Cycle of Yearly Concerts

A yearly cycle of regular Raga music concerts in each city of France/ Europe.

Support | Volunteer

We welcome all the support from individual, who would love to contribute their support as volunteer. Please contact with your details.


We welcome and respect your valuable donation of 10€ as membership of our association which goes for the project Raga Circle.

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