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Pandit Shivkumar's mission is to spread Raga music across Europe by organising regular Raga music concerts.


The Project

Donating for the cause of Raga music can help preserve and promote this beautiful art form. Raga music is a traditional form of Indian classical music that has a rich history and cultural significance.


By donating for a cause of Raga music, you can help fund concerts, workshops, that keep this beautiful art form alive. Your contribution can also help provide opportunities for new and emerging artists to learn and perform Raga music, ensuring its continuation for future generations to enjoy.


So if you're passionate about preserving this beautiful art form, consider donating to a Raga music cause today.

Donate the amount which you feel to Donate

Thank you for accepting our appeal to Donate for a cause.

Thank you for being part of Global appreciation, support and love for Raga Music.

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Association Pandit Shivkumar
is registered Non Profit organisation in Paris France.
Associations objectives
  • To promote Indian Music, art and culture in Europe

  • To organise regular Concerts, Workshops.

  • To create performing artiste in Indian classical art by providing them a proper and authentic education
  • Bringing awareness and providing Sound/ Indian music as a wellness tool for body, mind  of every individual.

Cycle of Yearly Concerts

A yearly cycle of regular Raga music concerts in each city of France/ Europe.

Support | Volunteer

We welcome all the support from individual, who would love to contribute their support as volunteer. Please contact with your details.


We welcome and respect your valuable donation of 10€ as membership of our association which goes for the project Raga Circle.

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