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Concert of Immortal Melodies

The main mission is to spread Raga Music across Europe. This music is much needed and supportive for every individual. It brings peace in the body and the emotional balance. Pandit Shivkumar invites everyone to get involved in this mission.

Pandit Shvikumar


Traditional Indian music based on ragas is an organic music rooted in the ancient Vedic culture of India. The word "Raga"'means ""Color'' or ""Passion'' in Sanskrit. Ragas are therefore reflecting the ""Colors"" of the mind or the moods of the Soul. They have been established thousands of years ago.

Pandit Shivkumar's primary intension is to give  access to a music which is a door to inner peace. The Ragas have been designed  to nourish the body, the mind and the Soul. When you listen to them, all the colours of your mind show up and your heart becomes available for love. Your social life itself is being balanced. Nowadays more than ever, this music is needed in our Society.

The  melodies of the Ragas bring back to life parts of ourselves that have been deeply buried or ignored and open us to new ways of considering our existence. Their vocation is to heal our deepest emotions.

Experience the beauty of Raga Music...

To experience Pandit Shivkumar's concert is a treat for ears and eyes. His voice takes you to the journey of higher energies.


His presentation of every melody Raga will bring you an experience of your own feelings. His expressions has the power to awaken your sensitivity. You will experience all the Nine-Rasas-feelings.

Ragas are presented according to the time and emotions of the day. Sound of Ragas will purify your energies

The main purpose of the concert is to recharge body and mind of every individual and the society. You can participate in this movement by organising a concert.

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