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Sound Academy

Welcome to Sound Academy Paris to learn about the Sound.

Sound of the body. Body which works upon the basic source which is breathing. Naturally, you are welcome to learn about the basic source of life which is, the breath.

Training about the breath. How you should observe and discover the potential of your own breath, as everything related to life has been regulated by the breath.

If you discover the breathing technics then you are easily availble to connect with the Sound, Music and the Knowledge.

Sound Academy is determined to educate everyone about the Sound. Not only a song. Rather to bring a total awareness of Sound, Music and how the Sound affects your day today life or journey of life. So that, you will discover the ease of singing with no confusions or shyness. All programs are designed very well so that, you have no choice than Singing with your own voice where you will be able to express your own feelings and grace.

Learn from the master of sound, where you can learn to sing well through the Indian system of learning music.

Academy is proposing, Indian Music, Singing and Sound Healing program.

Academy welcomes everyone from beginners, adavanced and who would like to be a professional in this fine art.

The main purpose of Sound Academy is to share love through music, bringing peace in everyones body/life and spreading unity among people/ society.

Are you looking for Happiness through Singing?

Considering different needs of every individual, you have the opportunity to discover, experience and explore your own potential by which you can choose from learning Music as hobby which helps to enter in different spear of relaxation.

Here is the program which is designed with simple technics

  • Sitting

  • Proper breathing

  • Learning basic Sounds with group of Two, Three Sounds together

  • Learning Octaves

  • Learning Rhythmic Cycles

  • Creating a simple melodic sentence

  • Developing Memory

  • Expressing own emotions through Sounds

  • Experiencing Silence

Singing is the key to operate the whole body system where singing can help to establish a healthy vibrations in the body. Simple exercises of notes will bring you the awareness of your body, emotions and a true happiness through singing.

Learn Indian Melodies | Ragas

Indian melodies are called as Ragas. Ragas are designed according to the cycle of the day from morning till night according to the emotional happenings round the clock. Learning Ragas will bring you the access to feel every emotion which your body and mind goes through.

Either you would like to be a professional singer/ player of Ragas or just to discover Ragas. Depends on your intention and availability of dedicated time towards learning.

Here is the program

  • Learning basic notes

  • Learning Octaves

  • Preparing your voice

  • Learning Smaller to a longer sentence of simple sounds which will bring awareness of the strength of your own breath

  • Discovering your quality of voice

  • Developing program according to your quality of voice.

  • Developing a strong memory

  • Developing a method which will describe your strength of memory where you will not have any worries for loss of memory

  • All exercises are designed to get organised your breathing and the personality

  • Learning to play Tanpura a four string drone instrument

  • Learning to Tune Tanpura

  • Learning Indian Rhythm

  • Learning to collaborate with Sound and Rhythm together

  • Learning Scales from five to seven notes

  • Learning the emotive importance of each pronounced Sound

  • Learning emotive importance of each beat of rhythmic cycle from six to sixteen beat cycle

  • Learning the importance of space and silence between two notes and two Rhythmic beats

  • Learning the personality of each Raga

  • Learning to identify and to choose Ragas according to your own personality

  • Learning to master Ragas

  • Learning compositions in various rhythmic cycle

  • Learning to understand each sound behind each word of the composition

  • Learning to improvise first each note of the scale and later improvise along with a composition

  • Mastering the Scale, Raga, Compositions and the Rhythm together

  • Learning to develop a sound language and to communicate with others

  • Learning to use each and every delicate emotion through specific delivery of Sound

  • Learning the ease of performing technics

Naturally it is a complete program which makes you a professional performing artiste of Indian Raga Music. To discover, experience, explore and to master each category it needs a time. In this case we set a time frame of two or three years. Depends upon the person, background, musical background, dedication, and the time for practice.

Learn to be a Sound Healer

Indian music and the sounds of every melody can define the finest emotions which every human body goes through. Sound healing program will help you to work on every humans emotional aspects through Sounds of Raga Music.

If you are looking for to be a Sound Healer, then this program is ideal for you where you will be taught everything related to the Sound. How to use your breath, body, emotions and knowledge to identify every emotion so that, you gain extraordinary awareness through Sound. Your body is full of sound energy so that, your presence brings a calm feeling for others. The program is based and designed more over practical than the theory.

Program is designed with simple technics of

  • Breathing

  • Creating and identifying Sounds

  • Learning to play Tanpura a four string drone instrument

  • Learning to Tune Tanpura

  • Learning Mantras

  • Developing the understanding of choosing words/language related to own emotions/ personality

  • Choosing food for body

  • Food for thought

  • Learning some melodies which are already existing and has a easy access for everyone.

  • Mastering some easy melodies which can be helpful to develop as a communication tool between the Sound healer and the person

  • Practicing Silence

Basic idea is to prepare your body and personality so that, people around you feel your special presence and they feel happy. Similarly any person who is going through any kind of stress because of mental or physical imbalance such person will feel good in your presence. As your body is empowered by Sound Energy which is real You.

Program is to prepare you and your body as healing tool which you can use without any exterior instruments like bowls etc, Program is designed and focused just on You.

The main purpose is to bring happiness within you and to share it with others.

Healing happens when you are happy.

Sound Workshop

Discovery of Indian Music

Everyone is welcome for Sound Workshop who would like to discover Indian Music to Discover the awareness of Sounds, Rhythm, Music and singing / playing.

Workshop is to make you discover the method of how Sound is generated, How it's been used, and How easy Singing is.

The program is designed in a way so that, you will discover and realise that, Indian music is the easiest music on this planet.

Sound Workshop is a designed program from four hours to Eight hours depends upon the place and the interest of joining people.

Here is the program

  • Sitting

  • Breathing. A proper breathing guidance

  • Creating and identifying Sounds

  • Discovering own voice / pitch

  • Discovering small sentences of Notes from Two to Four group of notes

  • Discovering octaves

  • Discovering a method to strengthen own memory

  • Discovering the strength of own breath

  • Discovering Indian Rhythm

  • Discovering the collaboration between notes and rhythm

  • Discovering the importance of space and silence between two notes and two beats of Rhythm

  • Discovering the importance of emotions behind every pronounced Sound/ Note

  • Discovering the reflection of own personality while singing

  • Discovering to be easy with sounds, Rhythm and expressions

  • Discovering a simple Song

  • Discovering the easiness of Singing

Sound Workshop

Is available for Individual and group of minimum five and maximum ten people.


Sound Academy is the project to bring a true and authentic access for learning about the Sound and its importance in our body life through Indian music system in Paris.

Discover one of the richest artistic form on this planet.You will be taught according to the traditional Indian system, from master to student. This learning process goes way beyond music. It is designed to connect you with your sensitivity, the richness of your emotions and the depth of your existence. You will discover an authentic path to express who you are as an artist.

Thank you so much for your time

All programs are available for everyone. Doesn't matter either you live in Paris or any other part of the Globe.

Academy provides Global Online Programs.

If you are interested and if you would like to subscribe and collaborate with Sound Academy then, please do write me a message / WhatsApp at

+33 7 45 18 44 40

or an Email at:

Please do Subscribe to my Youtube Channel


Pandit Shivkumar | Paris

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