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The universe of sound is a vast realm where vibrations weave a tapestry of auditory experiences. From the rhythmic beats of nature to the symphony of human creation, sound transcends boundaries, shaping emotions and connecting us to the essence of existence. It is both the gentle whisper of serenity and the thunderous roar of power, echoing through the cosmic expanse, making the universe resound with the language of vibrations.




Learning music is a journey of harmonizing discipline and creativity. As notes and rhythms unfold, a symphony of growth ensues. It's not just mastering an instrument or reading sheet music; it's a process of discovering one's unique cadence and expressing emotions through melodies. In this odyssey, patience becomes a virtuoso, and each lesson is a step toward orchestrating a personal concerto of skill and passion.



Learning Indian music is an exploration of rich traditions and intricate rhythms. Rooted in diverse classical styles and embellished with ornamentations like "ragas" and "taals," it's a tapestry woven with the threads of history. As students delve into the nuances of instruments like the sitar or tabla, they embark on a cultural voyage, where each note carries the essence of centuries-old melodies and the soul-stirring depth of Hindustani or Carnatic traditions



Embarking on the journey of learning Indian vocal music is a soulful odyssey. It goes beyond mastering scales and techniques; it's about channeling emotions through the lyrical beauty of "ragas" and the rhythmic intricacies of "taals." As aspiring vocalists navigate the vast landscape of classical and devotional melodies, they not only refine their voices but also connect with the cultural heartbeat of India. It's a profound exploration, where each "sargam" and "alap" becomes a brushstroke in the canvas of musical expression.

Become an Artiste

Discover one of the richest artistic form on this planet.You will be taught according to the traditional Indian system, from master to student. This learning process goes way beyond music.  It is designed to connect you with your sensitivity, the richness of your emotions  and the depth of your existence. You will discover an authentic path to express who you are as an artist.

Pandit Shivkumar Paris

Learn from the Master

Pandit Shivkumar is the first artist from Goa to live and unfold its musical teaching in Paris, International capital of arts. His deep desire to share Indian music has been warmly welcomed here, especially by the young generation. Throughout his long years of experience, he has developed a unique method that you can discover in private classes, masterclasses, concerts and conferences. 

Learning with him is a unique opportunity to dive deep in to the traditional teaching system from master to student. Practicing in that way will efficiently boost your capacity to learn more and quickly, and it will soon give you the keys to your autonomy as an artist. For the European people who are passionate about Indian music, it is a rare occasion to make their dream real much sooner than they could ever imagine!

A Special Three Years cycle is also available.

For those who wish to become professional musician/performing artiste of Indian Music. Please contact for more informations.


My Mission is to spread the beauty of Indian traditional music in Europe.


Explore the rich tapestry of Indian music at our workshop. Immerse yourself in diverse rhythms, melodic patterns, and the art of singing. Join us for a rhythmic journey through the soulful sounds of India.


The art of singing combines technique and emotion, creating a powerful expression of the soul through sound. Mastery involves control, breath support, and conveying the intended emotion to everyone. 


Explore the Melodic Richness: Indian Vocal Music

Dive into the enchanting world of Indian vocal music with our workshop! Learn the intricacies of ragas, talas, and the art of emotive storytelling through melody. Led by seasoned instructors, this immersive experience promises to awaken your senses and deepen your appreciation for the soul-stirring tradition of Indian classical music. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned vocalist, join us on this musical journey to discover the beauty and complexity of Indian vocal music.


Workshop is especially designed for every person who would like to discover the art of singing. 


An authentic method developed by Pandit Shivkumar which describes and guides, how to learn to sing beautifully and master your voice, get rid of stress, internal blocks and distortion, heal your mental and psychological state with the help of singing.

Masterclass is an enriching experience where participants delve into the intricacies of classical and traditional vocal styles from India. These workshops cover techniques like raga exploration, tala (rhythmic patterns), and emotive expression. Participants not only refine their singing abilities but also gain insights into the cultural and historical context of Indian vocal music. Such workshops provide a platform for cultural exchange and a deeper appreciation for the diverse and melodious heritage of Indian musical traditions.

For more details and to organise a Masterclass in Europe please contact by submitting the following contact form.

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One Lesson | Individual | Indian Music | 1h30 | 80€

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