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Musical Journey to India

I am so happy to present Bharatam a spectaculer show showcasing Indian traditional & folk music along with traditional & folk dances.

Concept : Director Artistic : Creation : Pandit Shivkumar

About Bharatam Spectacle

The wonder land India is always a magic land for all.
India has a rich and very old cultural heritage. Indian music is the one of the complete music exiting on this planet. The music which always bring peace , joy and love for every one. 
Bharatam is bringing  a deep feelings and touch of the traditional Indian music and from all the regions from north, south , east and west.
Salute to the all great artists  from India who dedicated their lives for art of music to enrich Indian music and culture. Bharatam  showcase the poetic art of Amir Khusro ,Kabir, Mirabai, Narasih Mehta, 
Bharatam brings an  opportunity  to experience the beauty of traditional Ragas as well as folk music from India
The show is presented with Indian origin artist as well as European artist who has devoted  their time to learn and to dedicate to the Indian music .

A very professional presentation of Indian music and dance

Bharatam - musical journey to India is a concept of Pandit Shivkumar - Performing artist of hindustani classical vocal and world music.