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Zero Circle


A service based project to offer for everyone without any cultural differences.

In present situation we are discovering the importance of human body life. We are realising that, we all are equal and everyone has equal zest to live. We are worried of the virus which may attack us strongly. We never thought of such attacks nor we are used to. We did not took time to educate ourself to defend us from the such situations. 


Now, it is time to take time for self defence. The truth is, only balanced and strong immune system can save us from the situation.


No nation on the planet can provide a medical infrastructure to it's all the population at once.

We know now that, this is not a time to complain, depress and to waste our breath on anything other than the positive action.


Positive Act

Zero Circle is a project to create awareness among every person without cultural differences about his/her own body system. And to give them all eccess of building strong immune system, which may protect them from the virus. 


The source of life is Prana. The vital force. Breathing is the first act which all the body programs are dependent on. Practiced and tested from centuries on this planet.

In yogic system Pranayama is the base of all the yogic practices. All asanas are based on the Pranayama and the balance of breathing. Discovering, practicing, and learning in a proper and necessary way develops a strong immune system within. At present, it is a life saving device which we should use to save our and everyones life.


At present, I'm well is not enough. If people around us are ill means, one way or other they will give it to us. So, it is important that, everyone around us is also well.

Using Mask, Safe distance, Vaccination is the basic act to prevent and postponing the access of spreading the communication of virus. We are thankful for all government efforts and front line workers/supporters during the critical time.

We learn to ignore many things. But, virus is teaching us in different way. So, it is a time to develop the connections between us. Solution is not else where it is within us. Conscious, responsible human is the only solution. It is very important that, everyone of us, must understand our responsibility in not only supporting ourselves, but, to support others in our circle of family, friends and neighbours. The true sense is the most important thing right now which is going to help us all. Responsible, sensible, conscious behaviour which is going to win the situation. Let us ensure we will not get affected and no one around us too.

We Share We Care

Zero Circle brings you the opportunity to learn, practice and share with others. We welcome everyone to join. Idea is to create a special training for special team members as teachers of

Pranayama (Yogic breathing) We prepare a team of teachers who can spread the knowledge they learn to others in family, friends, neighbours. 

Mission 9 

Every team member has a responsibility to share/teach the basic technics of Pranayama to others and to spread the awareness of health consciousness. Everyone has a responsibility to educate 9 other people in their circle from family, friends and neighbours. if each one takes responsibility to share with 9 other people around them then, gradually we will be able to spread the positive health message with everyone and it is easy to create a Zero Commune.

Together we celebrate!!

To grow as Zero Circle where each one supports each one and educate everyone for good health /immune system. 

We are sure that, by this act we reduce the rate of suffering and losing our loved ones in this time. Let us educate ourself to educate others. 


Individual training for 18 days. 

Learning different Pranayama (3 types of Pranayama each 15 mins)

One Mantra for universal peace/happiness (15mins)

Total one hour program.

18 days training will bring a deep understanding and comfort to feel the actual impact of Pranayama so that,  Teacher/ Leader will be confident to share with others. 

Venue for training

Jardin des Tuileries (8 to 9 am)

Parc Floral Vincennes (6 to 7pm)

Price of Training

FREE 18 days training

The most beautiful thing we can share is the positive act. Which can boost the immune system of the body. Knowledge which can make everyone self défendent. 

Zero Circle

is a sincere effort to develop healthy Commune in our society which will be confident and protective of self health first. 

Join Zero Circle. 

Join as a teacher/leader 

Who is able to give his/her time with commitment of 18 days for the training. 

Join as a member 

Who is seeking support from the team of teachers/leaders. 

To Join, please fill the following form with your details.

Why to Join?

This is not time to put ourself in questions, arguments, frustrations. Joining Zero Circle will bring you the basic education of self care and self defence against the present situation. As we all are living together in the same city and same zone it is our primary responsibility to take care of self and others. Joining Zero Circle will bring you understanding of care and share. We live together we care together this is a message of Zero Circle. We are sure you will love the Positive act and you will responsible for the spread of positivity in society. 

So, please join Zero Circle to be a positive leader.

Collaborate to Celebrate!!

I live in Paris. I feel connected to everyone. This a humble act from my side to provide the basic support who care to learn, share and care.

We all had been through all the difficult times from, lockdowns to lose our loved ones. Let us all together take charge of the positive act in our own hands to create and maintain self health and the health of everyone around us. I strongly feel and support the health of individual and everyone in this city. 

My personal appeal to all around Paris to join Zero Circle and to lead the project to spread positive act.

Thank you.

Pandit Shivkumar.

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