Zero Retreat

A personal happiness retreat specially designed for contemporary person.

Specially crafted for individuals who would love to dive deep in self consciousness through different traditional methods of practices. Retreat Includes: Dynamic Meditations, Pranayama(Yogic Breathing), Mantra Meditation, Sound Meditations, Healing energy massage.

Let's be simple...

Five Days for Five Koshas/ Bodies from Annamaya, Pranmaya, Manomaya, Vidnyanmaya and Anandmaya Kosha.

Shivohum The Retreat

Annamaya Kosha

Dynamic meditation to clean and cleans the Body. Which is the base. Traditional energy massage to organise and balance the body system.

Pranamaya Kosha

Significantly designed tools to boost your energies through practice of pranayama-yogic breathing. Cleaning and cleansing the prana energy. Unlocking , Balancing and organising the Chakras.

Shivohum The Retreat
Shivohum The Retreat

Manomaya Kosha

Highly energised tool like Mantras. Reciting Mantras, creating circles of mantra energy and to stay in such aura supports Manomaya kosha. Some Silent Meditations to increase the focusing power.

Vidnyanmaya Kosha

A deep healing sound meditation which takes you to the journey of inner self. Where you will witness the limits and unlimited self.

Shivohum The Retreat
Shivohum the Retreat

Anandmaya Kosha

Samadhan a blissful feeling which can lead you towards Samadhi.To be still to be happy to attain bliss and to stay over there.

Frequently asked questions

What is the significance of Zero Retreat?

Significance of the term is to make you realize that, Everything begins with Zero. Zero have infinity possibilities of creation. Unless you are not coming in Zero state of mind nothing can be organised. Reatre is to organise your life around your own body. to make you complte ware of your body and its system.

Duration of the retreat

It is totally depends on you. Your life, your body, your stories, Your culture, Your ability and yes! your problems which you are ot may be aware of. The reatreat is avaialble from 4 hours to a week long. You can chose from 4 hours to a weekend or a week long.

I would like to know about Panchkoshas What does it mean?

Panchkoshas are five type of bodies which we live with. Panch = Five Koshas= Bodies 1: Annamaya Kosha (the food sheath) Anna means matter, annam literally means food; Taittiriya Upanishad calls food the medicament of all. The gross body which is matter-born and matter sustained and transient and subject to perception is the Annamayakosha whose origin is food eaten by parents. 2; Pranmaay Kosha (The vital energy sheath) Pranamayakosha, separate from and subtler than Annamayakosha, pertains to the Sukshma sarira, it is the sheath of the vital airs completely enclosing and filling the Annamayakosha. 3: Manomaya Kosha (The mind sheath) Manomayakosha belongs to the Suksma sarira. It is the "self" having Pranamayakosha as its body. The organs of knowledge and the mind form this kosha which is the cause of the sense of the "I" and of the "mine" and of the varying conceptions. 4: Vidnyanmaya Kosha ( The intellect sheath) The word Vijnana means Knowledge. This layer is made of the intellect and knowledge. This is the part of mind that makes decisions, and takes ownership of action and becomes an ego. 5. Anandamaya Kosha ( the bliss sheath) Ananda means bliss. This is the bliss of the Atman. This bliss is experienced when we fall into deep sleep. Anandamaya kosha is the last layer and it is the closest layer to the Atman.

What would be program of the Retreat?

Program of the Retreat Dynamic meditations in morning and evening Mantra / Sound meditations Pranayama (yogic breathing technics) Dance Meditation Healing energy massage Chakra balancing / energy healing Ayurvedic massage Ayurvedic diet Detox Program will be applied according to the person and needs. Modification and re designing of the program is possible according to the person needs.

Where the reatreat takes place?

Zero Retreat is one to one program. Totally dpends on personal choice of retreat venue. Client can organise from star hotel to retreat venues in different countries where client feels more conformtable.

What are the conditions of the Retreat?

Retreat is a process to uncover you. Your past, Your stories, Your stress, Once we discover You then it would be easy to apply the finest meditation and cleaning technics espcially personalised/designed for you.

What I will achive from the retreat?

What you want is always with you. The process is to see clearly about what you do not want and to clean and cleans the energies. So that, you can live your life with your own grace. A complete body awareness Functioning of the system through several designed Dynamic meditations, pranayama, Relaxations. Special training of body awareness, Body memory, Body reactions and use of body to express yourself in a dynamic way. A complete body training and personality development program. Emotional Balance You will be able to read every emotion within. You will develop a new method to cope with and to organise all the emotions in a directive way. Normally we are naturally taught to suppress our own emotions for lot of reasons. Retreat will bring you an opportunity to express it totally and to experience the action and reaction of the body. A special training program to master the attachment. You will have a freedom of choice to chose the emotions to get attach and to get detach. This way you will experience the beauty of your own freedom so that no emotions or no one will be able to rule your life by emotional blackmails. A proper use of the brain Normally, we are taught to use brain for every little thing. Practically we do not need it in a such a way. You will develop a own program which will give you freedom to use the brain when you want. You will have a freedom of choice. Organising your life around your body Body is the life over here. Considering this, you will discover the method to organise your day today life around your body life. You will always take care what and how body responds. Your body is more aware than you of every person you meet and every situation you go through. You will develop a special technics to read and to hear a every expression of your own body so that you will follow everything according to your body. A special training of body development. A natural way to develop and maintain body. The importance of body maintenance by natural ways and not by machines. Empowering your own sexuality Sexuality is the base of the body. You will develop a coplete awareness of your own sexuality and the importance of being sexy. We are taught to neglect or to hide it purposely for lot of reasons. Here you will be able to express it in a very well designed way so that you will feel so happy to discover a new you and to experience the actually sexiness within. Some people are going through lot of sexual problems or disorders during sex. They have a super body which they have achieved by hard workouts in gyms. But, practically they are not good in response of practical sex. They miss the basic things of how to be in the moment. Some women are loosing interest in Sex. All these things will be organised and will empower you. You will be a power machine which you would love to experience for life. Zero Retreat is the answer for all of your unnecessary questions in life, and the answer is Your own body. if you care your body you are welcome to join the Retreat.

Proper age to join the Reatreat?

Retreat welcome everyone from age of 20. It is better for you to go through the Retreat experience as early as you can. So that, you will know the importance of your own body and its system and to use it properly in your life. You will never stay uninformed or ignorant about your own potential. You will not have time to use to be in a confused state of mind. You will be always be prudent and upgraded version of your own body.