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Sound of Love
romantic poetry concert
About Thumri Music

A semi classical form of music which connects with the feeling of dance, dramatic gestures, mild erotism, evocative love poetry and folk songs from Indian continent. The text or content is romantic in nature. Thumri is characterised by its sensuality and by greater flexibility with Raga music.

Pandit Shivkumar a versatile singer has proficiency on Raga music and other lighter forms of Indian Music. His selection and presentation of Thumri is to bring a unique experience of original classical Thumri. 

His mesmerising voice will take you in the romantic world of experience through profound pronunciation of words and vibrating sound behind each and every word expressed in the romantic poetry. 


Love is a combination of emotions like, joy, happiness, missing, pain, suffering, affection, moving, misplaced, etc. You will experience every emotion of love expressed in a poetry coated with emotive sounds which will bring awareness of similar feeling within you. Thumri concert will allow you to connect love within.

Thumri concert can be organised in your drawing room or for marriage and for special events.


To experience the beauty of Thumri please contact

Pandit Shivkumar.