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Swar Yog

An opportunity for everyone to discover the ancient traditional technics.

Swar the Sanskrit term signifies the Sound and the Breath. As we all know about the term Yog

is union within and the time/moment.

Swar Yog is a complete science of Breath, Sound and the Silence.

features: Pranayama (Yogic breathing) Sound Practice, Mantras, Dynamic Meditations (Silent and active) 


Upgrade Yourself

Swar Yog which inspire, broaden understanding of Self. 

The process to challenge our self to awaken dormant potential, authenticity, and explore the true nature of being.

 Opportunity to experience through ancient and innovative understanding, sounds, practise, and participation


Discover the world of miracles in our body. 

Our eyes are able to see ten millions shades of colours. You can hear thousands of Sounds from 2 herts to 20 thousand hertz. Our bodies can restrain around 60 degree temperature. Our tangues can differentiate 100 thousands of tastes. Our noses can distinguish more than a trillion sense.


Get over there. Explore, see, smell, hear, taste, touch.

Swar/ Sound the source of unlimited happening. 

Swar Yog brings you an opportunity to make you explore your own potential. Focused on Body. Specially designed project for individual Woman/Man. The project is to strengthen and to heal your complete existence.

Widen Your World  

Sounds which takes you over your joy/happiness/fear.
Sounds which touches the deep-most Koshash (Sheaths)
Sounds which organises, balance, and empowers your 108 Chakras
Sounds which liberates you from everything and brings you an experience of total Bliss

Peaceful Body

Dynamic Sound practice 
support you to evacuate the stored unpleasant energies and memories which you travel with. Technically designed Sound practice 
helps you to go out of your own cage.

Peaceful Mind

All special programme are designed to develop and establish peace in mind. Mind a dangerous boss and the beautiful servant. Our training bring awareness and establishment of peace in mind.

Liberating the Soul

Once we organise body and mind naturally  it is much easier to experience the liberation of own Soul. A complete program of weekend or a week long will open all the gates which you were looking to open since a long time.

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