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the body project 


The body project which inspire, broaden understanding of Self. 

The process to challenge our self to awaken dormant potential, authenticity, and explore the true nature of being.

 Opportunity to experience through ancient and innovative understanding, sounds, practise, and participation


Upgrade Yourself to Zero..

Zero the source of unlimitted happening. 

Everything happens in the Zero state of mind. I'm happy to introduce completely new and fresh approach towards life considering care of Body, Mind and the Soul.

Specially designed project for individual Woman/Man

The project is to strengthen and to heal your complete existence. Following are the main features of the project.

  • Complete Cleaning and Cleansing

  • Chakra Organising and balancing

  • Body, mind and Soul healing

  • Empowering your sexuality

I believe in individual strength. I want to bring a balanced human body for each and everyone.

Special Offerings...

Healing Dynamic Meditations

 Heal your complete existence with Healing Dynamic Meditations.

Healing Ayurvedic Massage

Heal your body and memories by Healing Ayurvedic Massage. 

Addressing the root cause

Living in a metro city is a challenging task for everyone. Bringing a time tasted method which is a combinations of perfect traditional and modern way to support the self.

Peaceful Body

Several dynamic meditations support you to evacuate the stored unpleasant energies and memories which you travel with. Technically designed meditations helps you to go out of your own cage.

Peaceful Mind

All special programme are designed to develop and establish peace in mind. Mind a dangerous boss and the beautiful servant. Our training bring awareness and establishment of peace in mind.

Liberating the Soul

Once we organise body and mind naturally  it is much easier to experience the liberation of own Soul. A complete program of weekend or a week long will open all the gates which you were looking to open since a long time.

Modern Jewelry

Empower a

Dynamic Woman


A special tailor made Body Project including Dynamic Meditations, Relaxation, Detox, Ayurvedic/Healing Energy Massage to organise and balance the Chakras and the complete body.

Subscribe for one of the Shivohum Retreat to organise and balance your life and to to live  your life without stress, anxiety, depression, and to empower your sexuality.

Man Wearing Glasses

Become a Complete


A special retreat for man. A complete and special package of relaxation and recharging your every cell of the body by various tools.

Subscribe one of the Shivohum retreat to live a depression free life and to empower your sexuality. 


Shivohum Retreat

A weekend or a week long personal retreat.

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