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Discover one of the richest artistic forms this planet.You will be taught according to the traditional Indian system, from master to student. This learning process goes way beyond music.  It is designed to connect you with your sensitivity, the richness of your emotions  and the depth of your existence. You will discover an authentic path to express who you are as an artist.

Pandit Shivkumar

About The School of Music

Pandit Shivkumar is the first artist from Goa to live and unfold its musical teaching in Paris, International capital of arts. His deep desire to share Indian music has been warmly welcomed here, especially by the young generation. Throughout his long years of experience, he has developed a unique method that you can discover in private classes, masterclasses, concerts and conferences. 

Learning with him is a unique opportunity to dive deep in to the traditional teaching system from master to student. Practicing in that way will efficiently boost your capacity to learn more and quickly, and it will soon give you the keys to your autonomy as an artist. For the European people who are passionate about Indian music, it is a rare occasion to make their dream real much sooner than they could ever imagine!

The school offers classes in vocal and instrumental music, Ragas, Bhajans and Mantras for the chanting part, Tanpura, Harmonium and Bansuri for the instruments. 

A Special Three Years cycle is also available.

For those who wish to become professional musician of Indian Music.

Please contact me directly by email for more informations.

Book your Music Lessons

In Paris

35 euros/ Class/ 1h 30


Subscription for 10 classes

300 euros

Online Class

25 euros/Class/1h30

Subscription for 10 Lessons

250 euros