Shivohum The Retreat

A personal happiness retreat specially designed for contemporary person.

Specially crafted for individuals who would love to dive deep in self consciousness through different traditional methods of practices.

Let's be simple...

Five Days for Five Koshas/ Bodies from Annamaya, Pranmaya, Manomaya, Vidnyanmaya and Anandmaya Kosha.

Shivohum The Retreat

Annamaya Kosha

Dynamic meditation to clean and cleans the Body. Which is the base. Traditional energy massage to organise and balance the body system.

Pranamaya Kosha

Significantly designed tools to boost your energies through practice of pranayama-yogic breathing. Cleaning and cleansing the prana energy. Unlocking , Balancing and organising the Chakras.

Shivohum The Retreat
Shivohum The Retreat

Manomaya Kosha

Highly energised tool like Mantras. Reciting Mantras, creating circles of mantra energy and to stay in such aura supports Manomaya kosha. Some Silent Meditations to increase the focusing power.

Vidnyanmaya Kosha

A deep healing sound meditation which takes you to the journey of inner self. Where you will witness the limits and unlimited self.

Shivohum The Retreat
Shivohum the Retreat

Anandmaya Kosha

Samadhan a blissful feeling which can lead you towards Samadhi.To be still to be happy to attain bliss and to stay over there.

For You....

What you want is always with you.

The process is to see clearly about what you do not want and to clean and cleans the energies.


All traditional tools are specially crafted to organise, balance and rejuvenate the Body. 

Happy Body happy Life

is the Mantra of The Retreat.

Every one has Past, Present and Future.

Accordingly everyone will have different experiences.

If you care your body happiness than The Retreat is for you.

The main focus of The Retreat is through :


(Five type of treatments and Dynamic Meditations) 


Five elements i.e. Ether (Akash), Wind (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi).



Five vital life force

and Mudras (hand gestures)

to organise and balance Panchkoshas.

You can subscribe for the Retreat from One, two and Five Days.

The Retreat is not religious. Is to upgrade Body Potential.

Prices ...

One Day | Retreat | €349

12 hours

Two Days | Retreat | €499

3 Nights 2 Days

Five Days | Retreat | €999

6 Nights 5 Days

Retreat is organised at your place/apartment/house or a proper retreat centre.

The process to experience everything by being alone which will naturally focus only on you. A total focus on you from you.

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