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Raga Circle

Pandit Shivkumar's mission is to spread Raga music across Europe by organising regular Raga music concerts.


The Project

Raga Music is natural music on this planet. Raga Circle is to create a circle around the year by organising regular Raga music concerts where people from all the walks of  the life will have an easy access to this music. 

Raga music brings peace and love for everyone despite of their cultural differences. As it is based on human emotions. Raga music helps us to balance our emotions, so the body, so our surroundings. Raga Circle is an sincere effort to spread love, peace and unity through Indian Classical Raga Music.

Raga Circle intend to organise regular concerts in Paris, France and every European country/city. A regular series of Bi-Monthly Raga music concerts has been planned from 2023.

Raga Circle is seeking a Global support.

Buy Music  to support the Project Raga Circle

Donate 10€

We appeal and accept a Global Donation from every music lover.

If you love Indian Classical Raga Music and if you feel that,  its worth to spread it over in Europe by organising regular concerts of Raga music then, we request you to Donate just 10€ as a token of love and support.

Thank you for being part of Global appreciation, support and love for Raga Music.

Cycle of Yearly Concerts

A yearly cycle of regular Raga music concerts in each city of France/ Europe.

Support | Volunteer

We welcome all the support from individual, who would love to contribute their support as volunteer. Please contact with your details.


We welcome and respect your valuable donation of 10€ as membership of our association which goes for the project Raga Circle.

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