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Bharat (India) the only region could discover, identify and could register the deep most emotional value which human body can feel and express or share with self or with others.

Music is based on 12 basic notes (sounds) which can be expressed as 12 different emotions which we often use to express ourself. It is a simple mathematic which comes with combination and permutations within 12 notes.

Sound has been the important aspect in our life from beginning till the end. We grow with sounds. Our body registers the sounds around us. Body recognises the emotion behind the sound. Any sound attracts us in a good or bad way. So, the Sound plays an important role in our life.

Raga takes place with a minimum 5 sounds/notes ascend and descend in a simple scale. But, In the system of Raga, it doesn't remain just a scale or notes or combination of notes. It is more than notes, combination or group of notes. it is always an expression of the deep most feelings based on the basic scale.

In general we all are experiencing morning, afternoon, evening and night a 4 main colours of the day. Raga is a definition of actual feelings which we go through during morning, afternoon, evening and the night. Raga brings an opportunity to describe the true feeling of the moment.

Raga music will give you the opportunity to feel every octave or all three octaves

from Lower, middle and the higher octave to raise your energy from lower till higher level by organised sounds.

Basically Raga is a combination of particular sounds which allows you to feel and express complete in the present moment.

Raga music is a freedom of expression with different colours. Limited or illimitted colours or combinations as per your ability to feel things.

Ragas are organised sounds with proper space and silence between. To discover practice, learn and to perform Raga one has to devote his/her life towards this traditional art. The art is to discover self beauty, ugliness, sadness, anger and to get organised in a proper way so that, while performing Raga music artiste never get blocks or confused about the true feelings of each and every Raga.

Raga gives a meaning to the happening in the nature and in the body.

Raga music is so relevant and time tasted.

Hearing Raga music will make you available for your own feelings. You will discover the path of discovery. The silent emotion will be awakened by just hearing Raga music. All masks you wear will naturally will fall down. Every detailed efforts will be appreciated and will come on surface by which you will be able to identify and to function as a true person.

The possibility to break all the chains or uncover the self beauty which may be covered up by so many things for life time or from society and culture.

Raga music will open you up and would allow you to watch yourself in a mirror eye to eye without any guilt. All the unbalanced emotions can be disappeared and you can be a new person which was silent for so many reasons.

Hearing Raga music will bring you a complete awareness of own emotions which will support and give you an opportunity to make a peace with every emotion you have.

Raga music can bring a balanced society which is our dream. We always are looking for the social balance. Balance is only possible with which sounds we exposed to in day today life. If sounds are establishing our body emotions and if sounds are bringing a deep understandings of our emotions then it is so easy to have balanced body so the society.

Normally Raga music is presented as a vocal music. Singing is a tradition in every culture. it means a human body energy is involved in the creation of sound and sharing the same energy. So it has to be so effective for all living beings. As human body is a natural energy hub. So when it comes from a human body it establish a direct connection with other bodies.

Human voice has the power to transport the meaning behind each and every word. Word is based on the sound. So, all depends on how the sound is pronounced and performed. Raga music has a higher quality to organise everything in a proper way from the basic sound, words, energy and the most important the meaning of each sound.

With any instrument it takes time to establish same things because instrument is an exterior product and it has some limit to create a live energy than a human body. So singing is considered as the highest act in all the cultures.

If we hear the Ragas according to the time/moment of the day it will act definitely 1000% more than anything else.

So, when you hear Raga music you will make yourself available to get healed every emotion. Either happiness, sadness, ugliness or anger. These all emotions are well registered and well expressed in different Ragas.

Meditation tool

Raga brings a healthy energy in your body. It recharges all the centres of the body. Which is so necessary for day todays life. Raga will make you happy to feel and to be peaceful with every emotion. This will bring a healthy you.

Raga can be used as a meditation tool. A morning, afternoon, evening or night Raga will make you easy to enter in a meditative mood. Meditate on Raga can balance, organise and open organise and balance all the Chakras of the body.

Raga can easily bring you out of depress mood or depression.


Raga music can be a substitute medicine. As it removes the stress within you. It takes you deep within you and it allows you to evacuate/delete the unbalanced energies within you.

With Raga music we can learn attachments and detachment. Raga music gives us a active tool which allows us easily to be attach and to be detach with our own choice. Infect Raga music gives us opportunity to love our life with our own choice. Totally liberated and totally free from all cultural or emotional boundaries.

Learning Raga music will bring a complete knowledge of your own body. Structure, feelings, emotions. It will help and support your life as complete mentor within you. You will never feel a need of exterior mentor. You will be able to develop a inner mentor for you. You will live a complete life with no worries no anxiety or no unbalanced emotions. You will always feel good in every emotions either good or bad as you will have a source to describe and to celebrate your own emotions without any attachment towards it. You will be so delicate and a fine person who feels everything around you. Finally human body is based on feelings not only muscles if you miss the feelings you miss the complete story.

Raga music is Global.

Even it took place in Bharat (India) a truly global music for this Globe and the complete music for living beings on this planet.

Raga music or the basic sounds and the combination of different sounds were recognised and established by a human according to the human body emotional needs of true expression. The complete music is for human body. It is a truly Global music for Global communities.

People around the Globe should experience the beauty fo Raga music. Actually Raga music is a breathing in different emotions. Or to breath in a present moment. If you understand the breathing pattern how it changes according to the time of the day, it is much easy to understand and to feel Raga music.

Raga music should be applied without any barriers in every society.

In the next post you will discover the learning process of Raga music.

Raga music is the easiest Music on this planet.

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