Zero Thoughts!!


The significance of Zero is unmatched.

Zero is life.

Zero can bring a feeling of completeness.

If you remove Zero from a Zero, Zero remains.

All these things we heard since centuries.

My blog Zero thoughts is going to be part of Zero consciousness in life.

I'm going to express and share my true feelings (actually Zero feelings) over here about everything in life.

#Human nature

#Human qualities

#Human body

#Human health



Mostly everything.

This is not only a knowledge I gathered. It is all based on my life experience since my childhood. I realised that, from the age of 8 I'm speaking the same which I speak now. So, may be natural efficiency was available since then. Only I was not having good words to put on. Now also I"m not very good in languages. Please consider my language and hope you will understand what I want to share with you all with Zero thoughts.


#Zero Thoughts

Pandit Shivkumar


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