Shivohum The Body Project

Shivohum a familiar term from Sanskrit chants.

Shiv literally mean Zero. Hum mean I'm. Actual meaning is I'm Zero. So, The Indian saint Adi Shankaracharya has penned thousand years back a famous Nirvanastaka called Shivohum describing I'm nothing and I'm not attached to anything over here.

Considering the same content I'm presenting Shivohum The Body Project as a complete healing program for the body. Body which we live with. Body which we are used to use as we want. Body which we even do not know. Body which we neglect sometimes because of its perfect programming.

Imagine when we get hurt for any part of the body we realise the importance of the part and the effects over complete body of the injury.

Similarely, we follow for mind and emotions too.

This life is the body life. So, please consider it totally. Not only emotionally. We need to develop the education system just to be with our own body.

Shivohum the body project brings you an opportunity to become aware of the body and its silent features, So that you can live as a total being not in a illusive state of mind.

Zero has a illimitted potential. Everything happens in a zero state of mind. But, how to get over there. What is Zero state of mind and how to feel it. Shivohum can bring you an answer.

Shivohum is a complete healing program where you will be able to discover you and your potential by going through several traditional tool like, Sounds, Yoga, Music, Silence, Dynamic Meditations, Healing massage, Chakra healing etc.

Actually we miss ourself lot for life. Once we realise things naturally with experiences then we begin to create a guilt for our past and how it been designed by ourself.

Shivohum is to bring you awareness of responsibility of the self and self acts. Everything you do, be responsible for that.

Life is a Body Business.

We should consider as it is a business. How we take care than us of a business which we set or we been part of. The same way if we treat our life as the body business than we will be easily go through everything to achieve the expected results.

Even Shivohm means A Zero movement even than, we should develop attachments for everything over here. If there is not attachments we lose interest for life. Here we mean our body. Body needs a complete attachment over here. Actually everything is well organised over here according to our body. But, we close eyes over being spiritual or being a superman. We do not need to be a spiritual being or a superman. We need to be a Body man. And we follow the body rules. Over this planet only body rules. Always we should be able to please our own body. If we are not doing this body reacts with sickness. It's body expression saying that body is not happy with you. You are not able to understand the body needs and to please your own body.

Pleasing own body is so essential over here. Otherwise you are lost. And you can't live over here as a lost person. The main cause behind the so called depression.

Shivohum bring you an opportunity to see everything clearly and to organise in a normal way everything which is so much needed for your body life.

Remember we leave over here a body life. Body has a life span to spend over here. if we are not able to understand this we are ignorant. Let not develop more ignorance on self.

You are lost for lot of things. May be for your cultural games. Your parents stories, the society, the education system etc etc.. How to be with the self and self oriented with all these things? Shivohum has the answer for all of these things.

Shivhom The Retreat

From four hours to one week retreat program for complete healing for body, mind and the Soul.

Cleaning and cleansing of body energies

Emotional and mind games will be taken care during the retreat.

Shivohum is using traditional dynamic meditation organised and deigned according to the modern man. Modern man can not just follow traditional way as it is. Modern man is a new man whose approach of life has been changed completely. Considering all these factors Meditation are specially designed to have a real result over the body.

Shivohum for everyone who cares their body. Be ready to travel within. The body journey.

remember without organising body you are not able to appreciate whatever you achieve in life. If your body is in the proper form then only you are going to predicate everything within and around you.

So, please make a move to join Shivohum the Retreat.

A personal one to one retreat at your chosen place/home/apartment/hotel or a Retreat centre.

If you are travelling France, you are welcome to join at retreat centres at sea side.

if you are from Europe, I can travel at your chosen place to any country.

Purpose of personal one to one retreat is to have focused workout of every details with and for you.

Conditions to participate

Actually there are no conditions. Basic condition is to have a quality time with self. You stay with your own body to relax, meditate, discover, and to follow the directives.

A proper age to join the retreat

Retreat welcome everyone from the age of 20. It is better for you to go through the Retreat experience as early as you can. So that, you will know the importance of your own body and it's system and to use it properly in your life. You will never stay un informed or ignorant about your own potential. You will not have time to use to be in a confused state of mind. You will be always be prudent and upgraded version of your own body.

Program of the Retreat

Dynamic meditations in morning and evening

Mantra / Sound meditations

Pranayama (yogic breathing technics)

Dance Meditation

Healing energy massage

Chakra balancing / energy healing

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic diet


Program will be applied according to the person and needs. Modification and re designing of the program is possible according to the person needs. In some situation we need to focus on one kind of meditation for long time. So all is depend on the demand.

Results which you will achieve

A complete body awareness

Functioning of the system through several designed Dynamic meditations, pranayama, Relaxations. Special training of body awareness, Body memory, Body reactions and use of body to express yourself in a dynamic way.

A complete body training and personality development program.

Emotional Balance

You will be able to read every emotion within. You will develop a new method to cope with and to organise all the emotions in a directive way.

Normally we are naturally taught to suppress our own emotions for lot of reasons. Retreat will bring you an opportunity to express it totally and to experience the action and reaction of the body. A special training program to master the attachment. You will have a freedom of choice to chose the emotions to get attach and to get detach. This way you will experience the beauty of your own freedom so that no emotions or no one will be able to rule your life by emotional blackmails.

A proper use of the brain

Normally, we are taught to use brain for every little thing. Practically we do not need it in a such a way. You will develop a own program which will give you freedom to use the brain when you want. You will have a freedom of choice.

Organising your life around your body

Body is the life over here. Considering this, you will discover the method to organise your day today life around your body life. You will always take care what and how body responds. Your body is more aware than you of every person you meet and every situation you go through. You will develop a special technics to read and to hear a every expression of your own body so that you will follow everything according to your body.

A special training of body development. A natural way to develop and maintain body. The importance of body maintenance by natural ways and not by machines.

Empowering your own sexuality

Sexuality is the base of the body. You will develop a coplete awareness of your own sexuality and the importance of being sexy. We are taught to neglect or to hide it purposely for lot of reasons. Here you will be able to express it in a very well designed way so that you will feel so happy to discover a new you and to experience the actually sexiness within.

Some people are going through lot of sexual problems or disorders during sex. They have a super body which they have achieved by hard workouts in gyms. But, practically they are not good in response of practical sex. They miss the basic things of how to be in the moment.

Some women are loosing interest in sex. All these things will be organised and will empower your sexiness. You will be a power machine which you would love to experience for life.

Shivohum The retreat is the answer for all of your unnecessary questions in life. and the answer is Your own body. if you care your body you are welcome to join the Retreat.

Thank you.


the body project

Pandit Shivkumar.

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