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Updated: Oct 30

Sadguru | Isha Foundation Chief gives a strong message by sharing a stage with a Goa’s prime thief Porvorims Pappu Chor Minesh Babani Narvekar. A proud moment for Goans

Yes! Minesh Babani Narvekar is The Pappu CHOR from Porvorim.

The best thing is he is active director or manager/teacher of Isha foundation Goa.

Let’s consider Sadguru do not know about his stealing qualities.

It would be interesting to know how Sadguru and Isha foundation react/takes action on own member/manager after knowing he is a real thief.

Sadguru sacs him from Isha or Sadguru keeps him on the post and promotes to make feel safe.

Porvorims Pappu CHOR Minesh Narvekar has stoled my money about 75 lacs rupees.

I asked him several times in a nice educated way  saying that, stealing can’t be justified. You should give me back everything which you stoled. And which is not yours. Against this he gives me threats for life.

I wrote to Goa’s  Sadguru as Porvorims Pappu Minesh Narvekar comes from the family who is the first Spiritual family from Goa (my experience says this family is The First Chor Family from Goa) and who followed spiritual teaching from last 3 generations where the present  Sadguru is a heir of Padmnabh Sampradaya.

But Goa’s Sadguru could not even acknowledge my letter as he is so busy with selfies making and posting at Facebook.

I’m strongly feeling that. No one wants to take responsibilities of their own  people. He showed up his ugly mind by not giving a simple acknowledgment that, he do not care or he should not care. He wants to play a blind. But it’s his life let him play very well a blind.

So, I came across a picture where  Sadguru from Isha foundation shared a stage with this thief CHOR Minesh.

I do not have questions about this. It’s Sadgurus life. What he should do, and with whom he should collaborate, share stage it’s his own business. Not mine. I’m not here to advise. My concern is one of your Isha foundation teacher/manager/direct from Goa is a thief.

And I want my money back.

It’s not global subject.

It’s very  limited subject.

I want my money back.

As I give time for everything, I gave a long time for CHOR Minesh but, he thinks what I can do? He can continue to give me threats for my life if I ask my money from him which he stoled.

I believe only  education and uneducation.

CHOR Minesh is just an uneducated person. He could not have a normal education from his parents. As his own mother is a CHOR. How we expect a CHOR mother can teach her own son not to be a CHOR. Naturally CHOR mother will create a CHOR son. Result is CHOR Minesh.

In this case, the main thing is no one knows even from family about this CHORI which has been functioned by CHOR mother, CHOR mothers CHOR brother and CHOR mothers CHOR son Minesh.

Plus, this family are always in promotion of spirituality. They teach others to be spiritual. Help other to experience spiritually. This is worst for me.

To hide and create a good feeling about self these people take part and joins a spiritual movement or a famous movement so that, no one can point out their stealing skills. These Chor people know what they are doing. They feel guilty about that, but naturally they find a way to balance their stealing acts by joinig a spiritual movemennt  and for this lot of spiritual movements are available to make them join.

Before it was Padmnabh Sampradaya Goa.

Now these people found isha foundation.

The main thing is nothing can bring a change in them. Change I mean to be normal. Normal is just to be educated. They are far from normal education but, they know everything which happens in haven and hell also.

What for I’m pointing out at isha/Sadguru?

Let me be so clear that,

I'm not here to argue

Not for debates

I strongly feel that, may be Sadguru has feelings towards what happens in life so I come to you as Chor Minesh  is part of Isha Goa. But, let's see. I should not force you to do anything. If you are sincere in feelings you will act uopn such things naturally.

I just want my money which has been stoled from Chor Minesh Narvekar and his family. I did everything to make him understacnd that, Stealing is illness. I wrote to his mother but funny thing is his chor mother and his chor mothers chor brother all are involved in this chori.

I will Surely raise this issue on each and every platform. I do not believe in sorry. As sorry do not change the story. I do not believe in forgiveness. It’s simple. He stoled my money he has to return me back. There is no other way. To give my stolen money back he can sell himself, sell his property. Do whatever. I know the CHOR family very well. I know they may come with justifications. Nothing works now. I gave him a long time to make him understand that stealing/ CHORI  is illness. But this family won’t understand anything cause they are spiritual people. Let’s have some dignity. Let’s call them spiritual CHOR.

If  Sadguru has some alive feelings then Sadguru should call CHOR Minesh

(Mobile: 9 55 25 50 246 ) and just tell him to give my all money in 21 days. I wish and I hope this happens. If not this will bring me a confirmation that I’m selling the mirrors in a blind village.

Let’s see..

Why this comes at/upon you Sadguru?

No one should have any problem about whom you deal with your organisation. You can deal with thieves/Mafias/Terrorists it’s your problem. But, why we the people  should accept to learn Isha programs from thieves? If you want the people should accept thieves to make them learn Isha programs as they do not have any choices then you should give them a complete certificate mentioning the person was a thief in past and because of Isha he got transformed so now he can teach Isha programs  Let’s be true to ourselves.   

In the case of CHOR Minesh first thing he should return me back everything he stoled then may be I will certify him as previously CHOR but now he has cleared his CHORI from retuning back.

Otherwise isha foundation Goa or isha foundation or Sadguru should pay the same amount which this CHOR has stolen. Then it’s very fair. Then take care of him. Transform him. Make him foundations chief it’s not our problem. We do not want to learn from any CHOR. CHOR should be behind bars that’s what we have system. In the same way famous /Maharaj are in jail cause of their wrong deeds for the society. We believe in the social system.

The main thing is how dare these people to do such acts and then to be everywhere with no shame. Only because they know that there is a  other way which accommodates such CHORs in the name of political and spiritual parties.

Why Sadguru  from Goa of Padmnabh Sampraday could not even acknowledge my letter for him. Because only of the arrogance. He do not care. Only because of Padmnabh Sampradaya this family became CHOR and they built spiritual arrogance. They know whatever they can do and then they Surender to Sadguru. It’s easy way. And Sadguru never ask never speak about their wrong deeds. If he speak he will lose 80% of his followers. Who cares it’s better to gather crowd in the name of spirituality. So he could not answer. Let him.

Sadguru of isha can also do same. But this subject will be a social issue now. Soon a day will come where everyone will address such issues and they will come forwards to say it directly no spiritual teaching from CHOR families.

Before that, if Sadguru takes action it will show up that, Sadguru and Isha is alive movement. Isha and Sadguru cares people.

About me:

I’m a Hindustani classical singer presently leaving in Paris. I share my rich Indian traditional Raga music with the European society by Concerts, Workshops, Teaching music, Etc.

And I should receive life threats from a CHOR and a CHOR family for asking to return me back my stolen things?

Where this arrogance comes from?

For me, it comes only because of spirituality and patronage of spiritual masters/ Sadgurus.

CHOR family received it from Goa’s  Sadguru and now CHOR Minesh received it from you.

This bothers.

I’m bothering you just to see if you care an artist or a CHOR.


There is no delete button with any type of rituals which erase stealing memories from body than to give back whatever has stolen.

This issue and CHOR Minesh issue will be global now. It won’t stop unless CHOR Minesh returns me back stolen money or on his behalf someone like you or your foundation returns me back everything which he has stoled.

There is no other way.

May be, you are thinking that, you are helping me to recover my stolen money. But, no. Actually you are helping isha Goa and CHOR Minesh to come out of his deeds by asking him to give me back everything he  and his CHOR mother and CHOR mothers CHOR brother stolen.

My request for you to help him, clean him, and then make him chief of isha Goa /global. Before that, do not impose such CHOR on people to make them learn isha programs from a CHOR.

By sharing same space with CHOR you are confirming your support for CHOR Minesh

Who is a CHOR, lier,


Who forges and makes illegal documents of properties to make claim upon others properties.

A drug dealer

Who organises parties where drugs are supplied

A dealer /Dalal

Who supply’s girls to support prostitution.

Anyway we can call it like it’s your choice and it’s your life or it’s your decision to be with whom or whom to include in isha movement.

But, with this act you are supporting a CHOR, a CRIMINAL, a CHOR family, and helps them to create a CHOR commune. Let’s say we need CHOR is the society to be balanced otherwise society will be too boring. Let’s justify.

My direct and true view will be,

Do not promote any CHOR by sharing same space with you in the form of pictures/videos.

No. You should not do such things. Just stop doing it. No justification is accepted over such things. Just stop sharing space with CHORs.

Do not impose people to see CHORs with you in same frame. STOP IT.

Unless, we bring an idea of ZERO TOLERANCE against stealing, lying, Forgery, We do not have any rights to speak about Spirituality.

Anyway my humble, sincere salute, pranam towards your body where beautiful things are happening. I’m grateful for your presence in this time cycle. I’m sure we shall meet in this time cycle.   

I hope you will understand and you may act.

Do as you feel. Please.

Please do read the following chapters/a special Blog which is dedicated to Chor Minesh so that, you may understand the fact and why I'm coming towards you.

Thank you so much. I know I bother you and isha foundation. Sometimes it so necessary to bother just to uncover the TRUTH.

Pranam !!

Pandit Shivkumar


+33 7 88 42 38 71

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