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Particularly collective sounds with the respective space between. Sounds which are able to express human feelings beyond everything else.

Bharatiya SANGEET / Indian music is not just a music which comes from the region called Bharat/ India.

Music which comes as an expression of human body emotions and which expresses every single happening in the body as well as in the universe.

I’m speaking about Raga music which is registered and expressed in the region of Bharat/India and which is truly universal music for humans on this planet. In other way Raga music is the planet earth music.

It expresses every emotion from morning to night. As Sun rises till Sunset, it captures every emotional color through a perfect balance of sounds from universe and the body.

If you discover, practice and learn this music you will experience the true balance within. True attachment and detachment programs. True easiness of life within and in the society.

Music which makes you understand your own limits and bring you unlimited freedom of experiences.

I welcome you to join and to experience the beauty of your own breath which will give you an access for the universal galaxy of emotions.

Come and join to respect your emotions. Celebrate your body vibrations which we call as Raga Music.

Pandit Shivkumar.

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Tanpura, Vocal, Raga Music, Tabla, Harmonium, Bansuri, Sitar, Bollywood Songs, Gazhal, Bengali Songs, Rabindra Sangeet, Bhajan, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi and Mantras.

Thank you.

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