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Body Business


Here in this category I would like to present a series of articles which are based on the subject Body Business.

Body Business

Is related to our own body and to discover or to develop the understanding of our own body.

Since my early childhood may be because of natural access I was able to speak with self about my observations of the situations and the events happening around the family or the society.

Actually I had no questions but the answers.

Body Business

The series is of these things which I could observe well and discover, understand the importance of our body in this life.

Body Business is My Theory

  • To develop the understanding about how body is organised and how body should be developed and cared naturally without any efforts.

  • To bring an awareness of the value of our body in our life.

The series can help everyone to understand well and to be able to care more of the body than other aspects of life.

Nothing is valuable than our own body

We created an habit of life style where we are used to neglect the body and we bring importance for other things than body.

But, discovering Body Business series at least some people will be able to bring an awareness of self body.

It's Diffrent

The purpose is easy and simple.

I do not claim that, no one had realised and tried to explain the same subject. I just claim that, the way I observed things is little bit different. so, we can call it It's Different.

Happiness Matters

The series is designed to make everyone aware. Not to impose any ideas upon anyone. Everyone has their own rights and freedom to function how they want to be in their own life. Finally happiness matters.

Everyone has to decide how they appreciate their own happiness. If they appreciate to be happy with no awareness then, I personally respect such decission.

But, in case you are looking for the option of awareness than this series is for you so that, you have choice to decide how to celebrate your life.


Next chapters will be more interesting and in detail of every aspect, I will elaborate the following subjects;

  • Birth

  • Before Birth

  • Birth is an answer or a question

  • Parents

  • Our Senses

  • Registration

  • First Seven years of life

  • What it means to be a human

  • Language

  • Dressing Style

  • Culture

  • Activities

  • Meditation

  • Importance of Art and Music

  • Emotions / feelings

  • Attachment

  • Non Attachment

  • Men

  • Women

  • Knowledge

  • Energies

  • Chakras | Energy centres

  • Spirit

  • God

  • Religion

  • Life to choose

  • Our Worries

  • Happiness

  • Our Plans

  • Truth /lies

  • Guilt

  • Relations

  • Marriage

  • Prayers

  • Choice of Work

  • Peace

  • Love

  • Sharing

  • Government /the system

  • Media

  • Social Media

  • Planet Earth

  • Death

I welcome you to discover Body Business Series.

Body Business | Pandit's Theory

Body Business

My theory will bring you awareness of how beautiful you are and how beautiful to be in The Body.

Thank you so much for your time.

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Pandit Shivkumar | Paris

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