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We are going to talk about the body. Human body. Which we cary from one to the other point of life.

Life which we never knew or we never going to know. Body is the source to be visible over here.

Let’s begin…

The body day

Body day actually we call it a birth day but for me body day suites easy to understand as the day we decide to be visible, so, we acquire the body.

A important day or a celebrating day from where we come to visible from non visible..

And what for we decide to be visible?

What is the reason behind?

What is the cause behind?

What is the purpose behind?

Actually there are no such questions.

Our visibility is the answer. In fact our body day is the answer. We decide to be visible is the best answer. Answer for what? There is nothing to be answered or questioned over here. In fact visibility is just an answer.

Because this planet is living planet. It’s full of life. You can’t stay invisible for long time over here. Only visibility matters over here. And the visibility is controlled by invisibility or invisible sources.

Somehow it’s pleasant to be visible. Somehow it’s a pleasant surprise to be visible. It brings goosebumps by a simple fact that, the similar things we are doing while visible than invisible.

We are not doing something special or extraordinary than to be invisible.

Just a body matters.

Body which we acquire. Body which we use as a tool to stay visible for a short time.

Let’s see how our tool works which makes us visible.

The secret of the body is the energy.

A life Energy which runs this planet. Which exists over here. Which makes everything visible over here. Is a breath. Everything is breathing over here. Without a breath nothing can stay visible over here.

So, we are discovering the source called breath and it’s functioning and how important to understand the breath.

The breath a life source and force which is equally shared within every visible for which we call a living being on this planet is the most amazing feature over here.

So, we all are connected with every living being just by a single breath.

We all are one by a single breath. We play a game sometimes to be visible and sometimes stay invisible. The moment we decide to be visible the breath takes a main role of our visibility.

So, how we proceed with breath?

Breath is a decision of our being.

Breath is a science of our being

Breath is the source of our being.

Every living being knows the importance of the breath. Even than most of us are silently keep ourself silent over the subject of the breath.

Because, we receive the visible form/tool the body in a very dynamic condition that, allows us to be silent and play safe as there is nothing to prepare, nothing to workout, nothing to design. It’s all ready made, prepared, well designed device we receive as we decide to be visible.

In order to stay visible over here in a good condition we should do some extra efforts than living a day today's life which is on auto mode. We should take initiatives in order to stay over here a healthy visibility which won't disturb or which won’t create a unbalance for every other visible being.

In order to understand the life we chose, The first step is to be aware of our breath.

As we took birth we need some conscious support or help from people around us and in this case, actually from our parents.

I feel that, this step is also very well designed from the point of our decision to be visible. Let's see in the next chapter about Before The Birth.

Thank you So much for your time

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Pandit Shivkumar | Paris

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