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Before The Birth

Here we will understand the process of decision of being visible from invisible.

As the planet Earth is heavily empowered by gravity force, we the living beings are not able to fly out of the zone of gravity even after our decision of leaving the visible form called The Body.

So, after leaving the visible body, we stay a short or a longer time as invisible being.

All is so natural and normal but, our system has created a worry out of nothing. Because of such created or designed worries we stay worried during our visible time span even. Which is not so necessary.

So, How we decide to be visible again?

For me it's a natural cycle which we follow. Actually, we are the followers of the natural cycle like other visible beings such as trees, to the animals.

This planet is designed consciously to create followers and to create a following system so that, every living being pays a role of life.

All we are equal and connected by just a life energy called the breath.

Once the body which we carry is unable to be empowered by the breath, slowly, we loose the connection between the breath and the body. This is the most natural way. In this process we also developed the count of timeline which we are educated to follow.

Actually we follow the timeline of the breath. It is very well designed device to accumulate the number of the breath which you will use and consume during a span of life time the body.

All this happens in a so natural way and which is based upon which type of body you choose to be collaborate to have visible form which we call as birth.

The system is designed in such way that, No one can stay for longer time as invisible. Everyone has to be visible in the form of body over here by certain gap of time otherwise the designed cycle may get unbalanced by which the system of this planet is run by.

The cycle of Sun, Moon, and its provision over this planet regulates everything. To create life and to sustain it we need a Sun energy which can easily bring life. Without Sun this planet would be a non living zone.

Choosing Parents

Our decision of being visible has been decided from two years back of the meeting of two people whom we call as our parents. Sometimes we discover that, out of nowhere, two people are coming in the contact and they stay together lets call they fall in so called love. The main cause is coming from our decision to be visible and by choosing these two people as our parents.

Actually the match of two people even they are very differently designed tools has been selected by us who wants to decide to be visible.

Even, as culturally we developed a marriage system to bring a good match, and this so called good match is our decision. Not the social.

So, the answer is the two people who are deciding to be together and to be responsible of the process of creating something together they should go through the right process or education of the creation.

A Special program of Two Years

Because of the natural process and it's been designed in a perfect way we never have time or necessity of to create an awareness of the process of the creation.

By considering the responsibility of being a creator if we take time to be more and more aware of every aspect of life, Body life, Body Awareness, We will be able to create a totally aware product as a new born.

A program of two years which may bring an awareness to be able to be a creator of another being. Without this program also, its normal and natural process we follow and life happens. But if we consider as, everyone over here has a responsible time line to follow and for the responsibility we need a program where we educate ourself on all aspects.

Because of lack of informations or education some products are created as defected or faulty products.

We really need a informative two year program which will make us totally aware of all the aspects which we should go through before the creation.

I think till now, most of the time, It's going like, We have wealth to buy an expensive vehicle so we buy it. But, it doesn't mean you do not need a proper licence of driving. We created a proper system of training to drive with a proper licence for a proper drive to maintain the social balance considering whichever car you have.

Similarly, everyone who would like to take part in the process of creator they should go through the process of two years proper informatics/ education of body and all the aspects of life.


If we go through such proper way, we can accept much balanced life/people and the society over this planet.

Everyone speaks about how its becoming worst and worst that, no one cares no one. But, no one speaks about the self that, how they could not manage to get organised before the decision of being parents.

By saying it's not in our hands. It's a decision of almighty. Even if it is right, as we are adult and educated being we should develop the awareness of our self responsibility.

So, in this case a two year complete program of awareness may bring a different aspect of being parent or a creator.

Before the Birth

Even if it is our decision to go for visible from invisible zone, We choose the two people to accept them as our parents, the two adults should also take responsibility to appreciate our decision.

A two years program to create an educated parents so the child.

My intension is to bring a awareness of such things within everyone on this planet.

Anyway, We move forward to the next subject...

Thank You So Much for your time


Pandit Shivkumar | Paris

+33 7 45 18 44 40

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