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Pandit Shivkumar

Registered Non Profit Cultural Organisation in Paris France dedicated to the promotion of Indian music, art and artiste.

Registered Non Profit 1901 Paris France   

N° W 75 12 17 43 4 | SIRET 833 892 367 00016



Spreading love, peace and unity through music

Organising regular concerts in Europe

Promoting Indian music, art and artiste

Organising regular Music Workshops

Educating people in music

Creating a strong platform for Indian music in Europe

Project Raga Circle to spread Raga music across Europe

Join to Celebrate

As we are a Non profit Association

We seek a global support from all music lovers. Without your kind and generous support our mission would not be possible.

We request you to support us naturally you will support art and artiste.

Become a Member

A global membership

A one time Donation for the membership

You will have an access to our all the events either online or in life


If you are skilled  and you would love to share your skills and talents for the art and artiste cause, you have an opportunity to volunteer our association. Association is seeking volunteers for communication, Photography, Videography, Graphic designers, Events.


Donation for good cause is a worth. We accept Donations from 10€ to your choice. We respect your valuable donations which will be totally used for Art and artiste project.

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