Ayurvedic Massage 

Since 1000 of years the technics are developed. A complete body massage which brings awareness of the  finest senses of your own body. Massage helps to relax and supports to organise the past and present.


  • Strengthens immune system

  • Nourishes the body tissues

  • Benefits sleep patterns

  • Softens and soothes the skin

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Calms the nerves

  • Relieves the physical stress

  • Cleans the emotions

  • Supports to delete the trauma

  • Young skin and body

Chakra Orgnising

Massage supports organising our Chakaras the centres in our bodies

Reiki Treatment

Healing Energy Massage

Energy massage helps to organise and recharge the energy level in the body.

Relaxing Massage

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