Meditations for life 

An opening to the horizon within. A totally new approach towards meditating methods. We consider Body, mind and the Soul a complete new method to balance the trident. The process to organise, balance and keep charged the body system which is the main thing in this life on this planet. All meditation are focused on the Body.

Meditating in Nature

Why Dynamic Meditations?

We live in a modern era. Modern man is living with a new phenomenon. So, we should not use all traditional methods as it is. In a way, all traditional methods have become irrelevant. Their spirit is not irrelevant, but their form has become irrelevant because the man is new.

The whole atmosphere is artificial now: the air is artificial, the water is artificial, the society's living conditions are artificial. Nothing is natural. You are born in this artificiality; you develop in it, so traditional methods will prove harmful. They cannot be used as they are. They will have to be changed according to the modern, the modern situation.

Modern man is not available for just to sit and surrender. Modern man is resting too may things because of social structure. To come over of all of this Modern man needs Dynamic meditations where he can be easily get involved and find his own way to clean and clean the total body system which is full of emotions. 

Dynamic Meditation

Specially designed  for contemporary man. Wo lives in the Metro cities where source of energy is less. Meditation supports to evacuate the soaked energy  and to regenerate new and fresh energy. Cleaning and cleansing takes place naturally. 

Meditating in Mountains


A traditional meditation which supports to refresh our brain. Normally we keep on chat within for reason or for no reason. This meditation breaks the habit of the brain of just chat and think. it helps too refresh the complete system with the easy methods.

Laughing Yoga

Mantra Meditation

Mantras are energetic sounds quoted with Sanskrit texts originated in India.right pronunciation and the space between the words rises the level of energies in the body. there are special mantras for special achievements. basically Mantras are designed and used for the good health of the body.


Healing Sound Meditation

Energise yourself by live singing sounds.Sounds which can enlighten your existance. Sound the energy which we all are made of. Indian Ragas are the treasure of organised sounds which balance the every cell of human body. Meditating on Ragas opens the doors of galaxies of eternal Sounds.

Buddhist Monk Meditating
Meditating in Nature