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Festival of Lights

An Indian festival of lights celebrated universally. The biggest festival of Indian culture. Presently recongnised and celebrated globally by Indian and global communities to light the lights amongst everyone.

Diwali Lights


Significance of Diwali is very higher for every Indian.  The festival is celebrated to awaken the body system and to prepare us for upcoming winter season. During the festival we present Raga music which   are the basic sounds which heals our existence. 

Pandit Shivkumar is taking initiatives to celebrate and to spread up Raga music in Europe at the occasion of Diwali festival.

Celebrating with Raga music.

The concept is to celebrate in Major cities of France and Europe and to bring everyone an opportunity to listen up an enlightened  

Indian classical Raga music.



Association request everyone to support us by donating minimum

10€ for Project Diwali. Your donation will help us to be able to organise the festival and to present quality Raga music across France and Europe.


We urge people and corporate to sponsor artist or the event.

All sponsors will be displaced at our all publicity networks online and print.

For more details please write to us.

for Diwali

Zero Club is dedicated for art and artist. Organisation seeking the support from every individual who loves art and artist. Your support will be considered as a support for life of art and artist.

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