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Experience a feeling of stillness

A journey from the music of the external world to a place of inner peace where joy naturally arises.

Bring your attention to the inner sound and allow it to fill the whole sphere of your awareness.

Pandit Shivkumar

Nada Yoga : Inner Sacred Sound

Nada Yoga Grounds the attention in the present moment— such as focusing on the rhythm of the breath, paying attention to the feeling.

Although we may not “hear” all the frequencies that exist in our world, we are affected by all of them, and we affect them with our own sounds and vibrations.


Practicing Nada Yoga developes an atmosphere of Joy, happiness and Harmony.

Nada Yoga is effective for calming, relaxing body mind and soul. 

Helps to free the heart from all limitation and stress.

Increases concentration, enhance thinking capacity.


Nada Yoga is the union of all vibrations or union of sound with the mind, body and spirit or consciousness.


Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)

Dynamic Meditations  

Mantra Meditations

Raga Meditation

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In Paris

45 euros/ Session / 1h 30


Subscription for 10 Sessions

400 euros