Holistic Wellness School in the heart of Paris which serves Holistic Programs for everyone who are interested to open the door of awareness.


Upgrade Your Awareness


My 20 years experience of  performing music, dealing and living with sounds, energies and with different people from different cultures brings a Holistic wellness centre in Paris.


I'm determined to bring a difference in your own life with my unique programs. All together I offer a global package for your body. So that, you can feel the difference in and out. which will influence others around you by your enhanced personality.


Visit Awareness for a total solution at one place located in the heart of Paris near the famous arc, Trocadero, Eiffel Tower. 


Remember, you have a unique opportunity in Paris to learn, practice, and experience from Indian Master.

Yoga For Soul

We celebrate the ancient wisdom found in yoga and seek to share it with all. Yoga is listen to their inner selves and find the courage to step out of their comfort zone.
Yoga is an ancient art that teaches us to be present in the moment. I hope that my clients experience the joy that this practice brings. Awareness has something for everyone, and at all levels. 
I offer a personalised, tailor made Yoga Session for everyone according to their age, body and life style. Recognising that each individual has their own, unique path to follow. I offer Ashtanga Based on various simple asanas (poses) and Nada Yoga based on breathing, Mantras, Sound, dynamic meditations. A morning and evening session so that, you can choose a session which suites for your day todays life.

Indoor Yoga
Kundalini Yoga Breathing


Breathing is the source of life. Since Vedic ages Pranayama the science of organised breathing has been established and practiced as a healthy habit for the body. Pranayama helps us to empower our body cells, Chakras and our spiritual powers. 
You have an unique opportunity to discover, practice and  to learn the ancient practice in a original an authentic form from an Indian master. A personalised pranayama session is designed especially for you according to your age, body and life style. A special program designed for Weight loss, Diabetic, Depression, and other disorders in the body. 


We treat body as a temple. Massage is a traditional way to clean, cleanse, recharge and connect yourself with your own body. All Massage system are developed on the basic principle of traditional Ayurvedic massage. We offer  the best massages for your body which surely support you to come out of stress, anxiety, Chakra opening, balancing and organising is our speciality. Visit us to take the benifit from a  real traditional massages.


Mantra Workshop

Welcome! At Awareness, my goal is to offer you a broad range of understandings of Yogic values. I organise regular Workshops to train you in the values of Yogic culture of breathing, and sitting,

I Invite you for Mantra Workshop a monthly series of regular workshops where you will have an opportunity to discover the importance of sound. Every Sound has an energy. Mantras are organised and empowered sound energies. Workshop will make you discover about Sitting, Breathing, Space, Importance of right pronunciation of each word, Importance of each and every sound, Importance of using proper breath,  How Mantras can bring awareness or consciousness within you. 

Best for Yogis who are teaching Yoga , Mantras, Kirtans. if you are ready to positive change in your Yogic profession.

Sitting on a Bench


At Awareness i'm happy to offer a personalised retreat from one day to weekend totally focused on an individual with a complete program. Morning to evening practicing different things with healthy  food which detox your body mind and soul.

Are you feeling lonely?
Are you feeling over stressed out of work, relationship?
Are you feeling you need an urgent pause on day todays affairs without leaving the city?
In fact you need a help and time with yourself. You need care and relaxing time.

Awareness welcomes you with a complete personalised day program with Yogic practices, Sounds, Massage, Detox, Food. 
We apply traditional  technics with modern approach to bring  the best result of your time. 
Please write us with your detailed infos so that, we take time to prepare a special, tailor-made, personalised program only for you and your needs. 

Thank you and welcome...

Holistic Wellness School | Paris

My mission is to give a true access to your health of body, mind and soul.

I welcome everyone from Paris and visitors of Paris who would iike to discover Holistic programs. 

Please book a session ...

Yoga for Soul | 1h30 | €49

 Individual | Ashtanga | Yoga | Asanas | Nada Yoga

Mantra Workshop | 4h | €95

Group | Maximum 5 person

Retreat | 8h | €399

 Yogic breathing/ Dynamic Meditation / Sound/mantra/ Healing Massage

Retreat | Weekend | €899

Individual / 2 complete days / 

Retreat | One Week | €3999

Individual/ 6 complete days

Meditation Session | 1h30 | €49

Individual / Yogic Breathing / Meditations/ Silent / Mantras

Meditation Session | Group | €24

Group / Yogic Breathing/ Meditations / Silent/ Dynamic / Mantras

Massage | 1h30 | €90

From the expert of energy healing

Awareness Coaching | €60

Professional assistance and guidance /1h